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There is no such thing as bad publicity – or is there?

There is no such thing as bad publicity ….Or is there?

When it comes to the internet and the power of the search engine there is no longer any anonymity in the world. “Keyboard crusaders” can make or break a business that is under scrutiny and the reputation of a product, brand or individual is heavily reliant on a positive portrayal throughout cyberspace.

For the majority of consumers today the first port of call when looking for information on just about any topic is to type the words or phrase into a search engine.  Within seconds you have at your fingertips an array of official websites, forums, reviews and resellers – information is readily available and easily accessible not only from your PC but your smart phone or tablet while you are sat on a train or on a tea break at work.  Just as how we access information is changing, the same is true for the type of information we want. Whether you are searching for somewhere for a special meal out or a holiday abroad, chances are you will bypass the official site to find real reviews of real places you are considering visiting.

As consumers become more technologically savvy , with that comes an understanding that how a company market a product, service or brand  to the end user can be streets apart from the real life consumer experience – hence the popularity of sites such as Trip Advisor or Urban Spoon.  When looking for a holiday cottage for a week in Cornwall – no company wants to tell you they rank at the lowest possible rating on Trip Advisor but with 2000+ reviews resulting in a 5 star rating you would be reassured with confidence that you are booking somewhere that will really meet expectations.  Great reviews mean great business. It’s not rocket science! But it is also not easy to achieve!

Consider the recent case of sickly sweet but incredibly moreish Lotus Biskoff spread – a Belgian product made of crushed biscuits in a spread which can be used on cakes, toast, desserts or just about anything. This product has received no paid advertising or marketing support in the UK but was subject to a review thread on popular Mum’s site “Mumsnet” described as addictive and highly rated by members of the site.  Within a matter of weeks Sainsbury’s sales rocketed by over 529% while Waitrose could not restock fast enough!  A very clear demonstration of the power of positive reviews!

As a business, management of your online reputation is essential – knowing who is talking about you and your products or services, what they are saying and how to react is the key to building a successful and positive online presence. Of course, this is not an easy task to undertake but why not enlist the help of a professional Business Development Manager to help work with you to gain control of your online reputation. Ramesh Summan at is able to help build your profile and help reduce damage from any negative reviews through responsive management and strategic communications.

When considering your online strategy and reputation just remember the old proverb from Oscar Wilde

“ The only thing worse than being talked about it not being talked about”