Unlock your sales and profits by using our five star reputation marketing solution at I-Credo.com – Please call 07951 156101 // ramesh@i-credo.com // If you are an talented and ambitious digital marketer who wants to work with us please get in touch

Ramesh is a passionate and focused Business Development Manager whose biggest drive is to generate greater sales, profits and return on investment for businesses using online and offline marketing tools. He has worked in both B2B and B2C markets, which means he has a good understanding of how all businesses, can boost sales, profits and return on investment.

Through his experience with i-Credo.com and Trusted Tutor he has built up the experience of executing digital and sales strategy; including Content Management Systems, Copywriting, Blogs, PPC, SEO, CRM, E-mail Marketing, Video Marketing, Social Media and Telemarketing.

He loves working with people, and is confident in his understanding, respect and tolerance of all. He is a social individual, and focuses on giving more than he can take. He aims to build authentic relationships, and influence through my passion. He is committed emotionally, mentally, physically, to everything he does. He has a big hunger for Growth and Development. His greatest drive is strategic implementation and to achieve the results which were intended from the offset.

Specialities: High-value Added Customer Service and Experience, Branding, Business Development, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Digital Marketing, E-mail Marketing, Events, Operational Development, Managing Marketing and Sales Teams to Reach Targets, Managing Online and Offline Marketing Strategy, Pay Per Click (PPC), Product development, Project management, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Joint Ventures and Collaborations, Mentoring for Small Business Owners, Web analytics and Continuously Improving Business Processes.

Ramesh Summan

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